Classical jewellery for Fruttituttibeadcandy!


For those of us who love our jewellery, there is nothing better than a few classical pieces of jewellery. These are the timeless pieces that will always be in vogue no matter what trends the season holds. What makes up a classical pieces of jewellery? There are several aspects: Firstly stones are a big part of these pieces. These could be big faceted gems or the smaller round cabachons. It doesn’t matter what colour either- in fact if it glimmers it can be seen as a very traditional styled piece!

One cannot get more classical than a tiara! Everything about it is beautifully designed and created to sit on the head of all budding princesses. Take a look at the stunning elements in this jewelled example- there are precious pearls as well as pretty rhinestones. Take a look also at the silver floral accents make from sheet metal and twisted wire. These elements go together to create a stunning more unique take on the classical piece. Wear the glorious headpiece as part of any vintage themed outfit!



The steampunk look is naturally a classical one. Take all those cogs and ticking second hands. The metallics too make these pieces very grand in an old fashioned quirky way. The brass, silvers and copper shades all work together along with intricate shapes of the time keeping devices. I have also used gun metal grey jump rings in keeping with the overall look- it really is all about the finer details! A stunning classically designed watch for every occasion!

Back to the theme of tiara and we have a piece that combines the modern as well as the classical beautifully. The different shades of pearls make this piece a very contemporary piece. The wires too but the over all design is a classical one- wear your headpiece for really overstated glamour!


Whether it is the big bling or the smaller smart pieces- Fruttituttibeadcandy have it all when it comes to classical jewellery!





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