Key charms at Fruttituttibeadcandy


There is something just so mysterious about key charms when used in jewellery. Take that big old antique key for example, what is there not to love about the ornate decorative aspects of some of the older keys. Take the heavy looking wrought iron keys that have lasted an age. Brass and other antique looking metals make for some of the most stylish pieces of jewellery. I love combining the look of these metals when combined with key shapes.

It’s big and bold, this brass key shape is a statement piece if ever there was one. It is accented with a single red heart crystal at the centre. The piece is created as a choker rather than a longer necklace. It automatically becomes a necklace that stands out rather than being one that hangs loosely alongside other necklaces in a boho style. While this is a great summer look, I wanted to incorporate the rich red with the unique look of brass. Although it is not a metal that is often used in fine jewellery, Brass has some wonderful qualities as can be seen with this pendant and chain.


Keys can be fantastical too. Take a look at the real fantasy theme to this bracelet. There are rabbits, clock faces as well as tea pots! Everything about this beautifully beaded bracelet screams ‘Alice in Wonderland’ hence the name. But alongside the stunning crafted charms and highly polished beads are the small delicately crafted key and lock charms. Take a look at the fastening of this piece. The key and padlock design make up the T-Bar style fastening.  Could this be the key that unlocks that world of pure fantasy? Whatever the case maybe this piece will truly bring a dose of the magical to your look.

Take a look at more of the key inspired pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


























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