Deep and Dark- get Gothic style at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

There is nothing better than wearing that amazing looking sleek black outfit with the perfect dainty accessories to match. And what better time to don the darker colours than now. The autumn is just around the corner with Halloween and falling leaves to look forward too. But being Gothic is not about the autumn and winter time- you can rock this look year round! Accessorize your dark side with some of the amazing pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy:

Volcanic rock has been thought for centuries to have many healing properties. But its also looks great too. Take a look at that rocky surface texture. It is created from the earth itself, each piece that I use has a minimal finishing to it, so that it retains this natural look as much as possible. Here are two pieces set underneath a silver and sapphire beaded setting. Regardless of whether you are going for a Gothic look, these earrings are superb for all occasions!

One of my favorite metals to work with are blackened toned metals. These could be silver or anodized aluminium. But there is something about the darker shades of shiny that make them super stylish! Take this short but chunky bracelet. The design is inspired from ancient times. It’s Byzatium in style with its chainmaille featured look. This piece is made to fit perfectly with a simple hook fastening. Team these black and silver rings with your darker outfit. Alternatively bring the mysterious to your everyday work uniform! The design is a comfortable one, you will hardly know you are wearing it- which make this bracelet effortlessly chic!

Take a look at the black beads on this piece! They really bring that dark style to this piece. The pink bead sets off the dark beautifully! This is a great accessory for the everyday, it works well for those special events too. The longer length chain also gives it a sense of luxury too- wear this as part of your vintage look or to jazz up a low necked top.

If you love your jewellery and accessories to be on the darker side head on down to Fruttituttibeadcandy! 


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