Summer chillout at Fruttituttibeadcandy: Mellow yellows!

Yellow is a colour that really epitomizes the summer. Any rising sun painting will have this bright tone at it’s core. The most exotic of fruit will be found in this colour too. I adore working with the more vivacious of shades and try to incorporate them where possible. These can vary from the subtle hints right the way to the brightest of brights!


One cannot go wrong with these bright earrings, small enough to be subtle but loud enough to be noticed. And your sunshine yellow earrings will definitely be noticed! These cute little roses are so on trend especially with the retro vintage look that has hit the catwalks! A small but very important piece to add to any summer outfit.


Who doesn’t like liquorice all sorts? Well ok so the taste is not to everyone’s liking but that does not meant we can’t rock them on our ears. There is something so pretty about the little colourful square sweeties. Pink’s black as well as yellow and white make these some of the exciting looking candy around! These polymer clay versions mean you can bring these little delicacies to your person. The long dangle chain design mean that each sweet moves as you do. The perfect pair to fit in with the emo punk look too!


Ring in the autumn with these inspired autumnal pair of earrings. The bright yellow is only one part of the colour scheme with this pair. The sunshine yellow fits in well with greens and seasonal reds. A retro piece that will look very chic with all the more lady like of outfits!

If yellow is your colour, take a look at the rest of the range at Fruttituttibeadcandy! 



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