Czech glass at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Czech glass is also known as Bohemian glass and is famous worldwide for it’s beauty and clarity. One can find Czech glass beads in a massive variety of shape, size and colour.

These faceted well formed beads speak as one designs, picking each bead up and holding it to the light. The sparkling effect will help in the design process itself. Here are a few pieces created from Czech glass stone available from Fruttituttibeadcandy.


Czech beads can be found to have the most vibrant of colours. Green is always a good all round favorite, making a striking colour to combine with any outfit. I was particularly drawn to this grass green. It’s rich full shade is off set by each of the thousands of tiny little facets of the Czech glass. Each intricately separated with seed beads. The organza ribbon softens the design and makes it adjustable in length. This collar necklace is certainly a statement piece if ever there was one.


Czech fire polished beads also make a great combination with other shades of beads. To my delight I found that the stunning faceted green Czech beads work so well with lighter shaded seed beads. The two intertwine beautifully merging colour as well as shape. This bracelet is held with a T-Bar fastening. Everything about this piece is light and exciting, a design that will not weigh down your wrists!


Red is a vibrant enough colour as it is- but team it with faceted Czech glass beads and you have an unbeatable combination! This wrap around scarf styled neck piece is so eye catching! East to wear just slide it around one’s neck and let the waterfall of cascading scarlet red Czech beads fall down over you. Pretty but made even more so with the glimmering cut surface of each Czech stone.

Take a look at the unique collection of Czech bead jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy


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