Top sensational stones at Fruttituttibeadcandy

I adore working with silver, copper wire and beads. But the right gemstone can set off these metals beautifully. The key is finding the right shade to the metal creating a sort of harmony. I love to experiment with the different stone, wire and findings. Especially that ‘Eureka’ moment when you know you have found the best combination of the two- thus creating a stunning piece of jewellery.


Red agate is a stone that is growing in popularity right now. Its rich deep tones certainly make it an attractive one. It’s lavish and decadent in feel especially when teamed with dark lava rock and gold tone wires. A longer chain, it’s the details here that will bring the design to life. Wear this sensational colour combo flapper style or as a shorter length.


Copper is up there with the brightest metals when cleaned. Over time it will suffer oxidisation that can only add to this metals attractiveness. It’s rosy rusty tones bring the grey marble to life in this everyday elegant bracelet. The links are stunningly designed and handmade while the pretty hook fastening is strong enough to  hold this delicate piece together. A stunning bracelet for all occasions!


Riban Jasper is known for being some of the most detailed semi precious stones around. It’s the layers of coloured plates formed over millennia that show up brightly when the rock is cut into. When polished it brings a high shine that shows al these finer details. For me it was only copper that really worked well for this rustic look. Browns and blues of this piece are universal in appeal and can work with practically anything that you have on.

Take a look at the other gorgeous gems I have been working with at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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