Material girls: Cute fabric accessories at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Creating the right accessories can be the ultimate challenge, just where does one start? Well for me along with shape and style I find that materials will inspire me as a designer. Where possible I work with as big a range of materials as possible ensuring that each piece of jewellery or accessory is unique.

Although we are still a long way away from Christmas, there is nothing wrong with decorating one’s space with shiny things all year round. These baubles are not traditionally christmassy in feel. In fact they have more about the bohemian about them. Take a look at the orange spice surface texture decorated with ornate flowers. Organza ribbon was the only option for these beautiful baubles. This fabric along with chenille and silk speak of opulence and luxury, style elements that  fit well in all homes!


Sticking to the theme of ‘opulence’ and we have these chenille fabric beads. These big bold beads are a little on the unusual side as they are not made from the more typical semi precious stones. They have an amazing surface texture too, the chenille feels wonderful when worn against the skin. It’s adjustable too so you can wear this style enhancing piece up close and personal!


It’s not just us girls that love a bit of accessorising! Our bags look fabulous with those special occasion bag charms. Take this piece a real mix together of metal, stone and fabric. The pink beads range in shade from the palest to the most passionate deep pinks. They sit happily on their silver tone chain all finished off with a secure pink bow.

Do you love the ribbon effects as well as other material styles? Check out the rest of the alternative jewellery at fruttituttibeadcandy!  


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