Cool Clusters at Fruttituttibeadcandy

While single strand necklaces are elegant, cluster necklaces and other jewellery will always be the epitome of chic! There is a real glamour about opalescent beads grouped together. The bunched up look is tres hot for this season and the next!  

It’s not just the pearly beads that are Hollywood chic! Unakite is an attractive stone that makes for a great cluster piece. I love how all the different shaped beads work together to bring this cluster piece to life. Held together using knotted cord the whole chain is linked with a sturdy lobster clasp chain. Wear it tighter against your neck or hung loosely, either way it will bring a totally overstated glam effect to any outfit. The deep rich colours make this piece a must have for the forthcoming autumn/winter season!

Sticking with the bright colours, take a look at this multi faceted emerald piece! Every shade of green must be represented here: Right from the olives to the leafy jade shades. Loosely attached to the bracelet this chunky bracelet will jazz up the plainest of writsts. Perfect as a statement piece for the evening- it is all the accessorising that you will need with a slinky evening gown. The lobster clasp means that there is slight room for adjustment in size  for a tighter or looser fitted bracelet.

Using textured beads from other pieces of jewellery to create a cluster bead can also make for a very eclectic look. The different tones on the metal beads work together and are linked by the single red seed bead on each. The deep gun metal grey at the base give this piece a universal style that can be worn with everything!

Get that cluster style for yourself at Fruttituttibeadcandy


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