Aquatic blues at Fruttituttibeadcandy



You could be mistaken for thinking pinks, yellows and oranges are the colour of the summer. While these are stunning shades there is only one that can be crowns the true colour of the season! Blue is the colour that represents summer. From the cool and clear oceans in that tropical paradise right the way to the gorgeous azure blue skies.

It is one of those shades that looks absolutely perfect on anyone who wears it. I adore working with this colour and have created a stunning handmade collection for Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Mixing up the different shades of blues as well as shape make this piece a truly gorgeous one! Both opaque and transparent mix with different sized beads. Each textured bead reflects the light beautifully. They are individually linked to the ring with head pin. The perfect holiday accessory, this ring design is the epitome of comfort. Wear it on the beach or to that swanky evening do for effortless summer glamour.


Turquoise is an attractive stone, these opaque beads are highlighted here with pretty silver caps and links. Tumbled and polished stones mean that they feel ultra comfortable on the wrists and around one’s neck. The sharper edges have been eroded away leaving pretty stones which are then created into beads. The blunt facets on the stones reflect a bolder blue colour. Even on the dullest day wear your beautiful blue turquoise bracelet for a dose of a tropical summer!


For a precious blue you can always opt for a Sapphire shade of blue. The small faceted blue crystals of the earrings make a big impact in their silver setting. Team this look with a chunk of volcanic lava rock for a super chic look for your ears.

Whether is it a delicate summer look or a deeper richer one, blues are the perfect colour to go with! Take a look at the rest of this season’s blues at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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