Precious glass jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy

It’s not diamonds or pearl, take it to auction and one is unlikely to get a great amount for it. This ultra practical material is used on our windows and make up big parts of our homes. We couldn’t imagine our drinking utensils to be made out of anything else…Yes we are talking about glass! This material is everywhere and is a relatively cheap material. Despite the fact it is so common it has so many very attractive qualities. Things that make it perfect as part of jewellery pieces.

It can be coloured easily, created in practically any shape imaginable! Glass can e made into beads as well as faceted stones. In fact it’s difficult to know the difference between precious gems and glass imitations they are just as sparkly!

Glass beads make brilliant colourful accents to all sorts of jewellery- especially when used in combination with deeper metals. Take this gun metal grey teapot bracelet for example. It’s blackened metallics make the brighter colours stand out more. Glass beads that are foil lined add the preciousness to the piece! They shine like any other semi precious cabochon does! This design is available in a pretty pink too.


Glass beads can look just as good as a centerpiece to one’s jewellery. This giant foil beaded heart is a stunning green focal piece to this copper coloured chain. It is finished off with some small pretty beaded dangles at the bottom. It’s bohemian and eclectic. Wear along for sublime and stylish chic, alternatively team it with other chains of varying lengths.

How beautiful are those lampwork beads? No matter what colour or size that they come in, these pretty decorated beads are a joy to work with! I love playing with the different combinations of shape, size and colour! One of the more lavish vintage style pieces at Fruttituttibead candy is this flapper style necklace come lanyard. It comes with a hook at the end for all those swipe cards. An ingenious invention that means one can be just as glamorous at work as anywhere else!

Take a look at the other lavish glass beads at Fruttituttibeadcandy on Etsy!


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