Gorgeous Gems at Fruttituttibeadcandy

There is nothing folk love more than gorgeous gemstones- We are not talking about full carat diamonds either! Semi precious stones, glass as well as acrylic all make superb replacements. In most cases they are tougher too- able to go the distance with you! The bigger these faceted jewels are the better, pick out any colour, shape or size – anything goes! I adore the brighter clear stones, they really do make a fabulous addition to any piece of jewellery no matter what time of the year you wear them.


Faceted gemstone beads are a way to make practical but precious jewellery. Here you can find a stunning combination of the lightest grass greens with baby pinks. These two shades work harmoniously bringing out a true summer feel to the necklace. This is a loose fitting piece of jewellery created with comfort in mind, the perfect accessory for long hot summer days and nights out!

Subtle but by no means understated these crystal drop earrings certainly do make an impression. Acrylic faceted beads show that this material is just as good as the real thing. Each carefully moulded bead will reflect the light making your ears sparkle! Acrylic has the added advantage of being light in weight too- you will hardly know you are wearing them. Bring class to the everyday with these crystal ball earrings.


Bring a burst of colour to your accessorising with Cocktail Statement ring in amber. This explosion of carnelian and pearls is an elegantly classical piece for your jewellery box. The golden mix of gemstones and beads are held together with a entwining series of links. Take a look at the rest of the glorious gemstone jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy on Etsy.


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