The beauty is in the details

Take a look at your favorite piece of jewellery. You will love everything about it, but there could be a smaller fine detail to it that takes your fancy in particular. The colour or the small filigree links that make it so extravagant maybe. While the big and bold jewellery is a hot trend this season, it pays not to dismiss the smaller daintier necklaces and pendants.

Creating an elegant beauty when it comes to jewellery can come in all shapes and forms. For some it will mean giant faceted gemstones and for others it’s glimmering gold settings. But one also gets a wonderful effect with wire. It’s a versatile metal that can be coiled or knotted. This necklace uses delicate wire coiled links entwined within one another as it’s main feature. Teamed with a sprinkling of Swarovski jewels makes this necklace complete!


Staying with the theme of wire take a look at this brass and Jade necklace. Intricately created each link is decoratively shaped so that it sits well around the neck. The beads are highly polished so one will see the pretty natural characteristics of the Jade. It’s a gorgeous addition to your jewellery box.


Turquoise is one of the most attractive stones to work with. The bright blue of the material is covered in thin vein like lines that run through it. The delicate detail make these earrings an essential everyday pair of earrings. Linked with copper wire and marble combine beautifully. It really is a versatile design that can be worn both day and night!

Whether it is the delicate detail on the surface of a semi precious bead or the coiled silver wire link- Take your pick from the detailed jewels at Fruttituttibeadcandy. 


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