Decorative beads at Fruttituttibeadcandy

I love seeking out and using the more decorative beads, whether small or of the larger variety. Picking out the right filigree beads can make all the difference to a piece of jewellery. An antique brass aspect is one that I enjoy adding to my work. You can find that rustic theme throughout the designs on the Fruttituttibeadcandy shop on Etsy. Take a look at some of these inspirational decorative beads!

There is something about the scalloped or parallel edges that make the giant Pevote beads on this necklace so effective. The pieces graduate in size from very small to a larger centre piece all separated with cluster seed beads. I had this design in mind as being more of an occasion piece. The deep navy and royal blue beads give it a regal and ever so slight vintage feel. This shorter length pieces sits very well on the decolletage like all good shorter necklaces should!


While the plain glass beads are very pretty there is something about the decorative elements that can really finish off a piece. Take this filigree sun-like design. It is very eastern in feel and would be the perfect accompaniment to a summer bohemian outfit. Just as perfect on the beach as it is at a dinner party. The rich colours also make it an accessory that could wear well with most of your wardrobe.


A simple geometric cut out pattern is a super cool way to get a bohemian feel to your jewellery. Take this snowflake-like cut out design ring. The surface of the metal is textured and darkened which give it a lovely Gothic style. All finished off with a flat backed crystal.

Whether it is ethnic or an intricate shabby chic look you want to do- take a look at the full range at Fruttituttibeadcandy.


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