Jewellery: Handmade Vs Shop Brought

Making the decision to buy jewellery is a great one! After all who doesn’t love to receive a stunning pendant, earrings or ring as a gift. Perhaps you just feel like spoiling yourself come pay day. But what do you splash out on? Have you seen something you fancy in a little retro boutique on your journey to work each morning? Maybe it is something found online that has stolen your heart?

Handmade jewelry is some of the most unique around. The fact that they are created by hand mean that they are literally ‘one-off’ pieces. You can be sure that every bead is individually attached, this in itself means that the handmade piece is automatically special. High street stores tend to stock similar items in order to sell to a particular market. This year neon coloured jewellery will be stocked to aim at the current fashion trend. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea! One of the greatest things about jewellery design is the sheer range of materials that can be used. Artisans work with these materials rather than trends can create some amazing pieces!


Your wedding day will be one of the most special memories. Every part of the event will be tailor made from the floral decorations inside the church or hall right the way to the finer stitching on your perfect dress. Your accessories should be as individual as you are for your special day. Going with handmade jewellery is a good option, take a look at the handmade pearl cluster necklace. It is made up of the traditional colors associated with weddings and then some! The anodized chain and clasp give it that coordinating classic and timeless aura!


Multi-strand necklaces make for a great summer look, in most cases they will be the only accessory that you need! This pretty example features light pinks peaches and greens mixed in with a bronze metal and ribbons. Look closely and you will find delicate rose details in antique brass too.


Steampunk is a super cool trend that mixes up adventure and classic design. It’s a tough style as well as lady like. Steampunk clocks and cogs make for some of the most unusual and unique pieces of jewellery. Have something in mind for your steampunk bracelet watch? Get in touch with me and we can work on a specific design that’s original and just for you!


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