Summer Festivals at Fruttituttibeadcandy


With this years Glastonbury well on it’s way, June and July are the months to get out of doors. Whether it is for those summer festivals or for the more sporting events. Wimbledon is currently drawing the crowds too right now.  Dressing for the outdoors is an art in itself- just how does one get it right? Here are a few tips on working that outdoor accessorizing this summer.

Be practical

Let’s face it you are going to be walking around in the mud if it’s a music festival you are going to. There will be a lot of jumping around, perhaps you will be sleeping in a tent for the week? Whatever the case your jewels will need to be practical as well as stylish. That long boho necklace will need to withstand the elements and be as active as you are- this is serious style on the go! Consider taking along a lariat necklace, wrap it around your neck, wrist or ankle. Knot it up or let it hang loose and you have the easiest most versatile piece of jewelry for your festival look.

Lariat necklace brown and blue glass beads

Lariat necklace brown and blue glass beads

Personal style

Music festivals are the perfect place to showcase your own individual style. Take a look around you and you will find everyone from self confessed druids, pagan witches and warlocks right to the more political activists. Even if you don’t fall into any of these categories why not express yourself through your fashion? Stand out from the crowd with something unusual and handmade.  Take a look at this combination chainmaille and bead necklace- get in touch with your ethnic side with the the mix of gold and deep pomegranate red beads.


Festival chic is above all feminine, yes there are aspects of it that can be a bit more macho such as the heavy worker boot look. A practical one for the summer but not so flattering in a lot of cases, spruce up your wellington boots with a hint of the feminine. A pretty necklace and earrings set can do the trick nicely, a necklace that was inspired by a Victorian rose garden has pretty rose pinks and lively greens. There are the iridescent lemon yellows that highlight the other deeper shades. In a nutshell this necklace is everything about the summer that I love!

It is all about the handmade here at Fruttituttibeadcandy! Get hold of some of the most original pieces perfect to finish off your summer statement style whether at watching Wimbledon or rocking out at Glastonbury!



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