Summer brights

Don’t be surprised to find the brightest yellows, pinks and greens everywhere right now. The fashion this summer will be known for it’s brightest and most vibrant shades. Just take nails for instance, us girls are having fun painting our fingernails all the shades of the rainbow. Even if you are not into dressing up your hands- Get into this year’s brights with any of the jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy. 


If there was ever one piece of jewelery that epitomized the summer then this would be it! The bright sunshine yellow shaded metal graduates into a hot orange one. The weave design makes it a contemporary looking bracelet but classical enough to be worn year after year. This piece of arm candy is fastened with a pretty pink lobster clasp. This design like all that are available at Fruttituttibeadcandy can be adjusted to fit your wrists snugly.


Like the yellow bright colours are particularly vibrant when featured on metal, the metallic under layer give it an attractive sheen. This is the perfect gift for the pretty girly girl in your life- the purples and pinks make it cute and feminine. For an added edge to your punky look combine the bright almost neon pinks of this bracelet with your black leather wristbands and spikes. A tough but playful twist to any rock chick style.


Bright colours don’t need to be ‘in your face’ they can be just as effective when worn on the smaller pieces of jewellery. I love how the neon green of this steampunk design ring works so well with the brushed stainless steel of the watch parts. The smaller rhinestones accent the brightness beautifully. All in all one of the most eye catching rings you will see this summer!

This season’s love affair with bright colours shows no signs of fading out just yet. Colours are bigger and bolder than ever. Make sure that you get in on the action with those illuminating shades at Fruttituttibeadcandy! 


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