Vampire Gothic at Fruttituttibeadcandy

We all know and love that Gothic vampire style. It’s sleek and stylish in a Gothic way but take a look closer and you will see the blood red. It is a strikingly rich colour that will represent the vampire’s need for blood. I love that combination of a gun metal grey and the red beads. There is the antiquated look of the bracelet in stark contrast with the contemporary scarlet. Each patterned bead is strategically placed, with carved flowers or patterns. The different shapes and style accents are all held together by a blackened silver clasp.


Red’s have always held a deep fascination for me. I love playing with these different shades varying from crimson to orange. For fans of the Gothic and vampy look this is the necklace for them. The long beads hang like a waterfall over the collarbone and neckline making for a pretty addition to any low cut top or gown. The delicate beads are light in feel as well as appearance. There are no clunky neck pieces here so it’s perfect for the more delicate of frames.


The only thing a vampire really has is time, they have all eternity in fact. Celebrate this fact with this antique brass effect bracelet. The deep red beads shine beautifully when worn. The padlocks represent the eternal prison of blood lust that the immortal must face. Each bead could be a drop of that much needed blood. This teamed with the antique brass clocks.

Like your look a little on the Macabre side? Take a look at Fruttituttibeadcandy’s range of Gothic inspired jewellery here.  




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