Make your own jewellery!

Papier Mache can be used to create practically any shape imaginable.

Papier Mache can be used to create practically any shape imaginable.

There is something so enticing about making one’s own jewellery. From personal experience I find it not only an inspiring activity but I love the contemplative state it leaves me in. There is nothing better than getting stuck into a new load of jewellery supplies and creating something that you are proud of. It’s not just me who feels this way either, just take a look at how popular sites like Etsy are becoming. More and more people are getting crafty and creating their own works of art. Why not start by creating your own body adornment?

Here are some fabulous materials to get you started:

Fimo or air drying clay: Fimo is a fantastic clay to sculpt in, it has the consistency of Plasticine or play dough. You simply mold it into your preferred shape not forgetting your threading hole. Once ready you just bake it in the oven on a very low setting for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Once cooled your beads will be solidified and ready to work with. Mix up colours, add your own surface texture to the beads. You can buy blocks of Fimo either online or at most good craft shops. Air drying clay’s require even less work and will just harden overnight.

Papier Mache: Possibly one of the cheapest and easiest materials you can find. Just mash your paper into a fine pulp using water, mix in diluted PVA glue. This can be bought from most stationers or children’s craft shop and is safe to use for all ages. Simply grab some of the mixture and shape, use a pipe cleaner or thin rod to make your bead’s hole. Like Fimo and other air drying clay’s you have the option to create almost any shape that you like. Once it is fully dry you can paint it. Get crafting with friends and children, the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.

Wood: If you are the more earthy type and are looking for inspiration from Mother nature just take a walk in your local park. Wood chip or twigs can make an exciting and unusual addition to your necklace or brooch. We would recommend that you rub down sharp edges so that they won’t hurt the wearer.


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