Arm yourself with arm candy this season

Loading up your arms with those easy to wear bracelets is one of the best ways to don your bling this summer. What is so easy about it? Just pull them onto your wrists for simple glamour on the go. These bracelets are so comfy you won’t know you are wearing them. This is especially important in the hotter months, it is not the nicest feeling to be wearing layers of clunky fitted jewelry in the heat. Stretchy bracelets are a way to get the best of both worlds for your outfit: Style as well as comfort. I love how the beads on this piece hark back to the 1980’s and 90’s. I chose the colors to remind the wearer of those childhood summers.


The first thing about this piece of arm candy is the pretty pinks and gorgeous greens. Each bead has a lovely marble effect that adds to the classical feel. Look closer and you can see the silver butterflies. One of the best things about this bracelet is the way it jingles as the wearer moves. The fastening link is a stunning ‘s’ shaped link which make it adjustable. Wear it loose or as a more snug fit.


Brown and blue are an unusual but very effective color combination! I loved creating this antique styled bracelet with the ‘T’ bar and hoop fastening. The beads that make up part of this piece are a combination of foil beads and a gun metal grey chain with links. One of things I adore about foil beads is that they reflect the light beautifully giving the bracelet’s wearer a glimmer look. The darkly antiquated look gives a perfect steam punk look. Wear it alone with your bikini and sarong skirt on those hot holiday beaches.

Wear them as single pieces or bunch them up together. Take a look at chic arm candy jewellery that will perfectly compliment all your summer outfits at Fruttituttibeadcandy.


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