Get the Punk look

If you haven’t noticed already this summer’s fashion is all about the punk look. But don’t think back to the bright red Mohicans of the 1970’s and 80’s (unless you want to of course). This is a more grown up rebellious look. Sure skulls are still everywhere but so are chunky chains, but why not try the neo punk look and add those bright colours?

This will add a touch of the modern along with pattern and style clashing.’Anything goes’ is the motto for this summers fun fresh and funky punk look. Instead of rebelling against the powers that be rebel against fashion! Be as individual as you want to be and opt for a one off  made to measure piece. Put together an armful of colourful bangles and bracelets for a boho gypsy edge:

Take this cute anodized bracelet in a purple pinky colour, it is bond to scream for attention. Team it with your other wristbands and bangles for a super cool eclectic look this summer.


Electric blue is totally a punk colour! It’s bright and so eye catching. Add this electric azure blue and silver chaimmaille caterpillar weave bracelet to your arm candy ensemble and really stand out from the crowd.


Want a Gothic twist to your punk look. You don’t need to deck your whole outfit in black, instead why not add some cute dark accessories? This black and silver chainmaille bracelet is very chic but very on the mysterious side too.

Remember that all of the chainmaille bracelets available at Fruttituttibeadcandy can be adjusted to fit your wrists snugly so you will hardly know that they are there. While being tough looking these bracelets are seriously comfy to wear!


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