Clockwork style jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy

The intricate parts of a watch are some of the most beautiful things. Those small cogs and wheels inspire me in the pieces that I work on for Fruttituttibeadcandy. I never get bored of experimenting with them, combining them with colour and shape. Here are just a few watch parts inspired pieces that rock the steampunk look.

Gun metal grey with a bright bronze make a great combination! I love the clashing colors of the two metals. The long chain is adjustable so you can wear the pendant as a choker or a longer flapper style pendant. Perfect as a piece for your steam punk outfit or even to add a piece of the alternative to work suits.

Colours are a big love of mine. I love the clashing colours and how they look together. Especially when they are combined with the clockwork look of the watch and clock parts. I love the aurora stones with the pink and green in this clockwork style ring. I designed the base from a brass color to add to the range of shades of the ring.


Block colors are also a hot trend this season. One of my favorites is that tangerine orange. Its a colour that is absolutely everywhere at the moment as a hot spring summer 2013 trend.  I wanted to combine filigree with this bright shade. A tip for this season is to look for the bright colors. Whether this is on your outfit or accessories.

Love Steampunk with a difference? Take a look at the rest of the collection of handmade jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy on Etsy.


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