Gorgeous Greens at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Greens are some of the richest shades that you can think of! Whether it is a deep forest green or a light pastel mint. They signify nature, the coming of spring but also envy! However you personally relate to this colour it sure is an attractive one. Not many colours suit everyone like green does! Whether you are a redhead, a blonde or a dark brunette- green is the colour for you. Feast your eyes on the stunning greens that are available at Fruttituttibeadcandy on Etsy:


Green colours make the perfect subtle accents in pieces of jewellery. Take a look at this example, simple green beads make an effective addition to this antique chainmaille necklace. Each pretty gold ring is interlinked to make the necklace itself,  but also to house the cute green beads that hang from it.  A lovely piece to wear on a summers walk in the park, or perhaps to a picnic.


Greens also make for lovely effects within other pieces of jewellery. Take a look at this Unakite stone bracelet. It is appreciated for it’s bright pink with green hues. Earthy with a hint of glamour they make the best semi precious gems for jewellery. Take this pretty example with the silver swirl design fittings. The rough cut of the stones make for a earthy but unique piece of green body adornment.


Peacocks have some of the most brightest hue’s imaginable. If only we could be as colourful as they are! Well you can rock the  peacock with your bright feather fascinator. The stunning green on peacock feathers is known to be illuminating. You will catch the eye of everyone that you meet wearing this. Remember that this piece is a made to order piece. You can have extra feathers added to your custom made piece should you wish.

Whether it is green, blue, pinks and those bright reds- Fruttituttibeadcandy have everything you need for your colourful summertime inspiration!


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