Cool Cluster jewellery

Cluster jewellery is a popular trend in accessorizing. It can be a colourful and such an eye catching way to use beads!

How does it work? The pieces use a variety of different colourful shaped beads and cluster them together. You can find them on rings, earrings or necklaces. A wonderful jewellery technique that gives you an instantly unique piece of jewellery!

Your Cluster ring can sometimes almost resemble a bouquet of flowers! Take this lovely example: The mixture of red jasper and blue turquoise make for an exciting colour combination. Each stone is fixed to a core ring, in this case it is a gun metal grey that brings out the stone’s bright shades!


Clusters work so well on other types of jewellery too. Cluster your necklaces and bracelets and earrings. Whether it is a choker style short necklace or as a pendant the possibilities are endless! Take a look at this cute example, the pretty glass beads resemble tulips or bluebells, all held together with carefully coiled wire links. It’s a wonderfully summer-like piece that will look perfect with any floral dress!


Planning to get hitched this summer? Maybe you are still looking for that perfect accessory to compliment your dream wedding gown? If this is the case then look out for the more exclusive handmade jewels. This stunning graduated pearl necklace is a wonderful example. The beads vary in size and color and have that bridal theme at it’s heart. Each is set securely to the black toned necklace that can be lengthened or shortened to your requirements. A stunning piece that will put the finishing touches to your perfect day.

Clustering your jewels is a style statement in it’s own right, big bright and bold it will not fail to grab attention! Take a look at the clustered jewellery at Fruttituttibeadcandy. 


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