Copper wire jewellery

Copper can be found in our plumbing, it’s used as part of an alloy in most coins. It’s hard wearing and has masses of industrial uses but can it be used in jewellery? Isn’t copper known for oxidizing over time and turning green?

Yes while all these things are true, copper is a wonderful material for jewellery to be made from.

Firstly it has a bright deep bronze colour that is just so attractive. It’s nothing like the traditional gold or silver, but somewhere in between. With time and the oxidization process darkens the copper and adds a deep rust shade to it. It can sometimes turn shades of a turquoise green too, copper is a dynamic metal that is in a state of constant change.


It is a very soft metal compared to brass and other alloys. One of the lovely things about copper for many is that it can be shaped easily. Take a look at the stunningly beautiful clasp made from copper wire. Delicate and unusual it is a hige feature of this jasper and turquoise bracelet. This combined with it’s rosy red lustre make it an attractive piece of jewellery that you will want to show off all the time!


Hammered copper wire is a very attractive look! Here is another great example of copper wire in jewellery. This lovely filigree design is created with one piece of wire added with connecting turquoise beads. The attractive clasp design is truly unusual and makes each bracelet a one off design. Another great quality that copper has is that it looks so attractive with any gemstone, whether blue turquoise or red jasper.


Here a single strand of copper wire holds the grey marble slate beads, these earrings also feature handmade fish hook earring wires. Proving that copper is one of the safest metals to use when worn close to the skin. The color of the copper makes a stunning contrast to the grey marble. Look closely and you will see the tiny grain and patches that are individual to each stone, no pair of earrings will be exactly the same! These earrings come with a matching bracelet and necklace if you want a set.



Copper wire makes for some stunning jewellery, want to view more? Fruttituttibeadcandy have a wide collection of handmade copper jewellery on the Etsy shop!


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