Elegant Earrings

Everyone loves earrings! When it comes to designs the world is your oyster, long short, round, other shapes like triangles. Some prefer their earrings to be glimmering classical pieces while others want a more modern look. There is an earring style to suit everyone whatever your personal earring style is! Fruttituttibeadcandy have a superb range of handmade earrings, there is sure to be something for everyone:


Love stud style but not sure what color to wear? This set of three pairs in different shades could be the earrings for you. Wear a different pair everyday, better still why not mix it up a little? Go with one red and the other lilac, it’s cute with a punky and edgy twist. If you have your ears pierced a few times why not wear all three for an ear lobe bouquet! You have a choice of rose red, a dusky golden brown and luscious lilac to choose from.

Turquoise gemstones are some of the most alluring around, they have been highly sought after since the days of old. Prized possessions in ancient Egypt and Greece, there is just something so lovely about the bright greens and blues. You can also find the fine vein lines that run through them just adds to it’s beauty.

These perfectly formed turquoise stones are threaded together using just one length of thread. Combined with bronze colored foil beads these earrings are finished off with copper hooks. Beautiful, eye catching and stunning elegance for you. Wonderful occasion jewellery, wear your turquoise earrings with your evening gown for understated summer elegance.

Gold Chain, Turquoise and coral beaded earrings

Gold Chain, Turquoise and coral beaded earrings

Sticking with the turquoise theme, here the delicate beads are combined with coral shaded ceramic beads to make some very bohemian looking earrings. The gold jump rings also add an antiques feel to the longer design of earrings. Longer styles of earrings are known to elongate the neck and enhance the decolletage area. These are a fantastic pair of earrings for those wanting an elegant touch to their outfit.

Take a look at the the contemporary takes on classical earring designs at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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