The Prime Ministers Pearls

Whatever your feelings and thoughts on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her government, she certainly did make her mark as one of Britain’s most influential leaders. She was blamed for riots, privatization and waging war with the Trade Unions in the 1980’s. However Margaret Thatcher can also be attributed with doing good things, for example developing and building up a failing car industry. Building strong international business links is one of her lasting legacies that lives on to this day.

A woman in a man’s world- she still didn’t loose her femininity during the eleven years she acted as Prime Minister. The pussy bow blouse with the shoulder padded blazers, the single understated brooch on her lapel but even more poignant was her trademark single strand of pearls that she would often wear. The choker style necklace became a kind of uniform that she wore often enough for it to become a signature accessory. With her matching earrings made this the quintessential Thatcher look- it’s stylish and simply understated.

Pearls are timeless and are just as wearable now as they were back in the 1980’s. Even if you don’t genuine pearls beads that are opalescent in appearance can be just as effective for any vintage look.

Want a modern take on the classical pearls? Try on Fruttituttibeadcandy’s cluster necklace. There is an adjustable chain so you can shorten or lengthen it to your choice. A stunning addition to your bridal outfit but also a huge style statement for the everyday.


Want a simple style statement with your pearls? Try this single strand, wear it loosely draped over your neck or double it up for a shorter length necklace. The different shades of pearls give this piece a modern and cute twist. One of the more casual ways to wear your glamorous pearls.


The monochrome look was one that the former Prime Minister did very well. Get some of this retro chic for yourself with this eye catching black and white beaded chain. The perfect addition to go with your skirt suit or blazer. A wonderful piece for your power dressing.

The Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy shop have a great selection of pearlescent beads for any vintage outfit.




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