Boho chic

One thing you can be sure of seeing in fashion this year is all things bohemian. What exactly is boho you maybe asking…Back in the early 1960s hippie chic was all the rage, it resurfaced as a hot trend in the 1990’s. For boho fashion inspiration imagine visiting exotic Morrocan Souks. The lingering scent of shisha mixed with the midday heat. Bohemian is set to return so why not stay ahead of the game and prepare your wardrobe.

How to do boho chic jewellery for yourself 

Eclectic jewellery is essential for your hippie look. Yes long flapper necklaces look great  Think about all things 1960’s for your floral inspired look. You don’t have to look like a pre-Raphalite to get it right either, here are just a few bohemian inspired jewels from Fruttituttibeadcandy to get your look started:


Hippie style gives you permission to wear your jewels big and colourful. One of the brightest pieces at the fruttituttbeadcandy online shop is this emerald colored statement bib necklace. It is so very 1960’s in its design being the perfect accessory for any boho look. The heavy curb chain make it very substantial when worn along with it’s pretty green beads made from Czech fire polished beads. The preciousness of this piece make it more than just another bit of costume jewellery.

Turquoise is a stone that represents all things to do with the earth. Why not connect with your inner Earth goddess? You can express your love for all things ‘earthy’ with their positive powers. You can channel your inner energies with Turquoise. A powerful stone that is said to draw out negativity and restore a sense of ‘home’ to it’s wearer. Even if you are not one to go with the spiritual- Turquoise is still a very pretty stone to wear. Why not wear the Turquoise briolette earrings for a matching set.


Beads as well as tassels give any piece of jewellery a really bohemian feel. The beaded pendant on the end of this long black chain is the perfect piece to enhance your long flowing dresses or kaftan look tops.

Keep a look out for more pretty bohemian jewellery coming your way soon at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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