Steampunk Symbols

Picking out your Steampunk jewellery can sometimes be confusing. After all it is a style that is just so versatile. It can be merged with practically any other: Gothic, zombie-style, wear it with your tattoo’s or combine it with your Rockabilly for a unusual twist. The world is your oyster when it comes to getting your own personal mechanically inspired look.

But it is not always easy to work out what exactly what steampunk accessories are? How can you tell? One of the easiest ways is to recognize those industrial-like elements. Here is our guide on what to look for in your steampunk accessories:


Keys: Keys, padlocks, chunky chains are all great looks- even better if you can find a piece that combines all three! Although they can be just as Gothic  your Steampunk keys and padlocks will have some pretty ornate detailing to them. Gem encrusted perhaps or even some lovely filigree details to them make for great accessories.


Metallics: Also you will find a great many Steampunk accessories come in strong metallic colours- especially bronze. They give off an air of ‘Industrial revolution’ when machinery was just coming into it’s own. These metal shades have a real feel of ‘invention’ to them. Something at the core of this style.


Clocks: The heartbeat of Steampunk has to be the clockwork mechanisms we see so much of. Clocks, watches and the tiny parts that work together to help them tick. These is the stuff of steampunk fantasy! These spare parts can be glammed up or worn alone- tiny cogs and wheels  themselves are almost jewel-like in appearance.


Swallows: The small birds are everywhere now- woodland motifs are still very much in fashion from last year. Swallows are no exception. Wear it on your rockabilly outfit and your steampunk one also. They are pretty and feminine as they glide up there in the sky.

Take a look at the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy shop for all of the above pieces and more.



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