Celebrities and their bling

Fashion trends come and go. Some years it’s all about the more elegant dainty outfits, while other times fashion is boldly bright.  This is the same with trends in accessories and jewellery, it’s often been the case where the more undertsated classical piece have been on trend. But not this season! Things have come a long way from the nearly invisible pendant and tiny stud earrings. Bling in all it’s guises has never been so popular, in fact your jewellery is almost as important as the outfit itself. Here are some well known faces from stage and screen wearing their bling:



Celebrities are always on the look out for the unusual when it comes to their jewellery and accessories. And why not? The more ‘far out’ these pieces are the better! Dramatic pieces that make an impression. Here is Soulja Boy sporting a giant rhinestone encrusted Superman logo pendant and wristwatch. Along with some very cool city scape style shades- it’s loud, bright and basically ticks all the boxes for hot jewellery.


Sandra Bullock is by far one of Hollywood’s most well known actresses. Although she became famous for her ‘girl next door’ image in the ‘Speed’ and ‘Miss Congeniality’ movies, here she is as glamorous as! Sandra shows us how to do layering properly. Pearls are mixed with antique metallic and vintage style motifs. Absolutely stunning with bare shoulders on an warm summer’s evening.


Salma Hayek is adds to her stunning sultry looks with some sparkling jewels: Glimmering earrings and dazzling diamond rings, the style is understated and very cool.  However her shiny stone encrusted belt buckle is a great fashion accessory as it breaks up the block colour of the dress she wears.  Any good accessory like this will add some lovely detail to any plainer outfit.

Up there with Lady Gaga is Nicki Minaj- some of the stars costume changes are pretty quirky especially when it comes to her accessories. There is a strong Cosplay and Kawaii influence there: A fried chicken pendant in pink, a giant ice cream cone and a pretzel? Maybe the pop sensation is just expressing what she loves. Whenever you see her, you are bound to see the unusual and eccentric. Just the sort of thing we will be inspired by over the next few months.

Individual is the word for this trend of jewellery. If you are looking for something original get in touch with the fruttituttibeadcandy designers for a piece just for you!


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