Why we love Steampunk!

There is no denying that although we create pieces using a wide variety of inspiration at Fruttituttibeadcandy- Steampunk is one of our biggest loves! To say that it is a stunning look would be a serious understatement. Everything about it is great and its a trend that is growing more popular all around the world. Just take a look at some of the fabulous  looks that you can take for your inspiration:



It’s not just about the goggles- but they help! To do Steampunk you have to get all of the elements just right. First of all think explorer or inventor. Whether you are male or female it’s a look that is all about fantasy and adventure. Look for those pieces of jewellery or accessories that are reminiscent of another time. The clockwork look for example is a very ‘steampunk inventor’ one. Buckles and worn tan colored leather accessories are also very chic.



Add some sexy Gothic style to your industrially inspired look. Corsets are very cool in an American wild west kind of way. Go for bright bold colours, also the more frilly the better! Add your favorite Steampunk accessories to the outfit and stop traffic (intergalactic and earthly too!).  Those Corseted dresses with thigh or calf length sexy lace up boots get a huge thumbs up from us!


What would Abraham Lincoln look like if he was living in a 31st century parallel universe? Possibly a little something like this! Steampunk combines both the past and the present in one really exciting look. It’s a versatile look so feel free to create your own inventions to go with the vintage dress.

There are so many ways in which you can get the neo-industrial revolution look- maybe you want to express your love for the style with jewellery? Take a look at the steampunk styled pieces at Fruttituttibeadcandy!


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