Steampunk Swallows

What do we love about birds in fashion? Well you can see them everywhere, on the cute printed summer dresses, embossed on stunning silver lockets. The bird in style nearly always represents all things feminine and Summery- seeing as they all fly away when the cold weather arrives.

Birds have been a big feature in Steampunk since the beginning. Swallows are the archetypal birds for this style! They represent the freedom of the skies and most of all adventure- exactly what Steampunk is all about! Their beautiful streamlined shape makes them the best for soaring through the skies at top speeds. These bird beads are stunning and very feminine when worn around the neck and wrists.  Take a look at this beautiful antique brass bracelet from Fruttituttibeadcandy:

Each of the birds come with detailed feathers, each charm is fixed with a beautiful fancy twisted diamond shaped connecting link. This bracelet could even be a charm bracelet if you wished to add your own collection of charms to them. It’s classy and chic without having to try very hard. The size is adjustable but measures about 8 inches or 20 centimeters from end to end. Look to birds in jewellery and fashion to usher in the spring this year!

Looking for that extra special Mother’s day gift? Give her this special keepsake bracelet as a sign of your love! Birthdays are also a great excuse to splash out on a special piece of jewellery for that someone special.



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