Go Boho!

There is something about beaded jewellery that is so eclectic- pearl beads are elegant in a Joan Collins way. But colorful beads are hippy and bohemian. You can go either way or somewhere in between for a really cool and edgy look. Ok so it’s still technically winter with all the snow  still about, but it’s really not long until spring when you think about it. So bohemian is the way to go! Get that spring summer style early.

What do you need to do the style? Here are some quick and easy tips on how you can get brilliant boho style at Fruttituttibeadcandy

First of all you will need colour- the brighter your beads the better. Be brave and don’t worry about those brights clashing. You ca give your outfit an amazing ethnic style without even trying! A simple way to do boho beads is on your wrists. This subtle but very effective four strand bracelet is ideal for holidays or even for understated style on a lunch date. Simple, easy and a very elegant bohemian look at it’s best.

Going boho is more than wearing long flapper style necklaces- although they can be stunning, they are not the only way to wear your beads this coming season. Try going for the more unusual pieces of jewellery or body adornment. Notice that all the best bohemian look pieces are a little different from the norm. Take this stunning polished beaded choker necklace, it boasts an attractive fitted wire necklace and loose hanging beads at the front. Perfect for any time of year but why not try this in the summer with a cool vest top?

Being bohemian is not always just about beads either though. Fruttituttibeadcandy have some truly original pieces. This large Peacock feather fascinator headband is dramatic, theatrical and above all eye catching. Make a real statement if you dare to with the brightest feathers. These fascinators are made to order, so get in touch with Fruttituttibeadcandy for a personalized piece just for you!


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