Alternative Valentine’s Lovlies!

The big day is fast approaching, there’s not long left to show that special someone that you care. But wait a minute! Valentines day doesn’t have to be about giving gifts to that special guy or girl- St Valentine’s was all about love! Especially the love for one’s fellow human being! There is nothing wrong with sending your best friend a gorgeous Valentine’s day gift! Why not have an alternative Valentine’s this year and instead splash out on your nearest and dearest instead of that hunk in the office?


You can never go wrong with the stylish and understated when it comes to jewellery! If she is a bracelet kinda girl-This stunning Emerald Jasper bracelet is the absolute perfect addition to your best mates arm candy. But its just as  wonderful when worn as a single statement piece. The Jasper itself is a powerful gemstone, said to aid stress and bring tranquility and peace to the wearer. This makes for a really wonderful and thoughtful gift!

Although those rays of sunshine are few and far in between there’s no reason why you cannot encourage all things summery and bohemian. The beaded necklace and sun-disc style mandala pendant make this ethnic-inspired piece a lovely one. It’s just so versatile that it goes with absolutely anything. Just right for a friend or loved one who is jetting off to sunnier climbs soon!

Lamp work beads are some of the most beautiful. The look stunning as part of jewellery and make for some really eye catching pieces. They are almost as precious as gemstones when it comes to their translucent qualities. Head wearing as well as beautiful, this necklace will make anyone who receives it a very happy woman! Mum’s, aunt’s, sister’s friends will be adore it!

Just take your pick from any of the Fruttituttibeadcandy jewellery on sale for that stunning Valentine’s gift.


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