Scrapbook in Style!

With all our written words being online it’s little wonder that so many of us find we go for weeks and even months without picking up a pen! Many no longer feel that it is necessary to make our marks on good old fashioned paper anymore! Could we be seeing the end of handwriting for good? Are the days of stylish calligraphy well and truly over? We sincerely hope not! And other’s seem to be feeling the same way we do. Creative types are beginning to get into scrap booking- its becoming a very popular way get creative with paper, images and pretty glitter while also writing down thoughts and memories. You own scrap book can be anything you want it to be and will hold those precious thoughts and memories for a lifetime and longer!

The first step is to get hold of that perfect scrap book- this can be a simple note book or something a little more elaborate. Its important that some part of it reflects your personality. For example are you into your pinks? Are you a fan of anything floral? Pick out the right patterned book for you on the beginning of your scrapbooking journey! Fruttituttibeadcandy have a fabulous range of notebooks- just ready for you to begin making those notes in!

Next you must gather things that inspire you- this could be photographs, prints or images from the net. This also maybe some small bits and pieces found over the years too, ribbons, small pieces of costume jewellery, anything that is important to you. Gather them up ready to be used in your scrapbook- you might also want to look out for any pretty additions at markets or secondhand shops- arts and crafts materials can be picked up relatively cheaply in the right places.

Collage is the best way in which to put your scrap book together. Group your pieces together and work out where you want to put each individual thing. Slowly and at your own pace then build up your own scrapbook, adding memories, comments or anything that is important as you go along. Remember that any scrapbook that you create will be personal to you and can hold some of your most precious memories. So do not be afraid to share your innermost thoughts and secrets.


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