The Chainmaille Sale at Fruttituttibeadcandy

Chainmaille has been around for ages, as a jewellery technique it certainly creates some of the most attractive pieces. It can be seen even before the 5th Century AD when ancient Celts used this technique for their Armour  Chainmaille itself involves the linking of traditional iron or steel rings together. They were pressed so tightly against one another that virtually no spear or sword could penetrate them making them perfect for battle.

There were different techniques for the chainmaille piece depending on where it would be worn on the body. There were specific pieces for the thighs, legs, shoulders and chest areas. Ancient Chainmaille techniques can still be seen at the British museum in London.

However now that we don’t need Chainmaille tunics for modern warfare, it has begun to have various other more aesthetic uses. Fruttituttibeadcandy have a selection of Chainmaille inspired jewellery. Using a combination of anodized (colored) metals along with gemstone beading you will find an exciting array of bracelets, statement neck pieces as well as charms.

Fruttituttibeadcandy specialize in the visually stunning- one of the most eye catching pieces at the shop is this anodized bracelet. In a vibrant pink almost purple shade it adds some very feminine undertones. It is cuff-like in appearance, this chunky bracelet will make a statement on any sized wrist.

Are you a fan of those geometric patterns? Love everything by mathematical artist M.C Escher or know someone who does? Well then this could be the bracelet for you! Its diamond shaped sections make it a real find for those science fans of you- but even for those whole rock those retro geometric patterns!

Chainmaille was traditionally famous for its uses in ancient warfare, here is an example of some serious style armour! This chainmaille copper and turquoise necklace is the perfect protection against those fashion faux pas! You will look and feel the business in this bib-style neckpiece at anytime of the year.

Whether you are going for a steampunk Industrial look or a modern bohemian one, Chaimmaille at Fruttituttibeadcandy will have the perfect piece for you!


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