There’s just something about ribbons that we love. Especially at this time of the year. Bows, bow tie’s and lavish bow style Christmas Tree decorations! They will be everywhere this season, they are just as important a part of Christmas as baubles, snow and Christmas pudding!

Even when it comes to fashion, bows are uber cool in the wintertime! Think of all those sexy lace backed corsets. The bows on those silk accessories, cute bows as part of fascinators! Fruttituttibeadcandy have been inspired by this very trend and have used bows and ribbon as part of the many designs. We create pieces that are made up of a variety of different materials including luxurious silks and organza fabrics!

Ribbons add an exciting twist to many of our designs. Yes the beauty can often be found in the intricate ribbon detailing! Take these lovely examples:



Made up of pretty blue beads in all the different shades possible, this lovely bag charm is finished off with an exquisite blue organza ribbon! Organza has long been associated with silk as one of the most sumptuous materials around! It truly epitomizes everything luxurious about this time of year! Combined with the cute beads this bag charm makes for a wonderful stocking filler!

Ribbon can be subtle as well as stand out, here is a fabulous example of this at Fruttituttibeadcandy! The green ribbon is cleverly hidden among the links of this green beaded copper necklace. The three strands give it an almost Victorian feel while the earthy green and copper add a real steam punk feel to it! A great piece that combines the luxury of ribbon with the beaded elegance of a bygone era! A fantastic addition to your jewellery box indeed!

Ribbon can be seen in a whole new light when it becomes part of one’s accessorizing!


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