…And all the Gold Trimmings at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

Gold is undoubtedly the color of the season, there are so many reasons why! Firstly that it’s rich and alluring. Mined from the inner depths of the earth to create some of antiquities most stunning pieces of jewellery. You can see them today in those museums- Gold truly is a timeless substance.

Because Gold is instantly recognized as being a shiny metal in most cases it’s perfect for this time of year! Golds, Silvers and Bronze’s are popular on all those Christmas decorations and seasonal furnishings! It reflects what little light there is on these dull winter days. And boy do we all need a lot of cheering up after all those gale force winds and floods.

Fruttituttibeadcandy have been getting in the festive spirit with a range of metallic-inspired festive pieces!

Golds along with earthy colours are a subtle but very seasonal way of making an impact over the festive season. Your gold doesn’t have to be over the top and loud-the quieter piece can be a very pretty addition to your winter wardrobe too. These floating beads have an almost ancient look to them, perhaps it could be inspired from an ancient Greek design? The perfect shimmering accessory to liven up your outfit, day or evening?

Gold is lavish, especially when it is worn on the wrist as a chunky chain mail bracelet! Now here’s a real statement piece that will look fabulous with your party outfit. In most cases it is likely to be the only piece of jewellery that you will need. Bling is just the ticket for the season! Drape this golden chainmaille bracelet around one of your wrists with a plain little black dress and you have immediate sexy sultry style!

Golden accents make any accessory perfect. For example that blue beaded piece of jewellery that you just love even more because of the golden fittings on it! Gold with color makes for an exciting piece? You just can’t help but love this multicolored glass beaded chainmaille piece! With its fantastic combination of colors in a real bohemian style, and then there are the very cute dragonfly details! This is definitely a ‘personal treat piece’ rather than to be gifted to someone else, unless you really really love them!

Beaded Anklet Dragonfly chainmaille multi colored Glass Antique Gold

Beaded Anklet Dragonfly chainmaille multi colored Glass Antique Gold

Fruttituttibeadcandy have some wonderful pieces that highlight the gold aspects. Take a look at the FruttituttibeadcandyEtsy store for more shimmering inspiration!



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