Sizzling Steampunk Style

Steampunk has never been hotter! Its a crazy mixture of science fiction, punk, steam powered machinery and all things sexy! It’s an alternative fashion style that is so dream-like in nature: With mythical creature, faraway fantasy lands and most of all those sexy tight leather corsets! With Steampunk you just have to be prepared for anything!

Folk everywhere are really getting into this alternative look, there are some amazing Victorian style gowns around, top hat style fascinators and machinery inspired accessories. It really gives one a feel for adventure!

We have also been inspired by the look and created a superb selection of steampunk style jewellery: One example is this long neck piece ceated exclusively for the Fruttituttibeadcandy Etsy store:

There are some stunning elements that go together in this necklace. You have the eye catching and bright glass beads in blue and gold. Then there is also the pretty machinery-inspired cog details everywhere on this piece.

The centrepiece of the necklace is a large Cog style pendant that is adroned with crystals and more of the pretty glass beads. All these delicate parts come together via a dainty antique style black curb chain with equally attractive black colored lobster claw style clasp.

This piece is tailor made to suit you!  We make this style in the standard 32″ or 81 cm from end to end or when measured from the clasp it is 20″ or 51 cm to bottom of the dangle. Although this is the standard length we can make your Steampunk Style necklace to your requirements!  Once you get in touch with Fruttituttibeadcandy, feel free to give us any specific requirements.

Would you like a longer or shorter piece? Would you like us to add a few more cogs or glass beads? We will do our best to take all your needs into consideration when creating your bespoke piece. The necklace will be unique to you so will differ from the photograph shown.

This piece is ready to ship in 7 days once it has been made for you.

Take a look at the rest of Fruttituttibeadcandy’s cool collection of Steampunk inspired jewellery, available on the Etsy shop:


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