Celebrities and their Beads

Beads have always been hot, in years gone by we have seen power bracelets become all the rage, shamballa style and Pandora troll beads, but also beaded rosaries. You can get them with beads in every color of the rainbow, patterned too.

What is it about the Rosary that make it a very cool fashion statement? It has been around for a while, originally worn by Roman Catholic priests and monks to symbolize their faith- each of the beads represents a sequence of prayers and ‘Hail Mary’s’. Could they bring their wearer good luck and protection  from the dark forces? Are they simply a way of expressing faith to the world? Could they just be a very hot fashion statement? Crosses have been on trend since forever with stars like Madonna rocking it way back in the 1980’s for her ‘Like a Prayer’ album. Even today the trend shows no sign of fading, given a new twist in some of the rosary-inspired jewellery in Lady Gaga’s Judas video.

Perhaps another thing about Rosaries in fashion is that they are so controversial! The Roman Catholic church is known to disapprove of Rosaries as a fashion statement- arguing that it is a legitimate piece of religious jewellery and shouldn’t be taken as a frivolous fashion statement. The celebrities still love their holy bling and are out there wearing it with pride!  Here are just a few examples of the rich and famous wearing their rosaries:

Kelly Osbourne

David and Victoria Beckham

Rihanna Rocking her Rosary

It’s official, the celebs do love their rosaries! Could it be a look that catches on with us ordinary folk in the same way that other alternative and edgy motifs have? Skulls have been very hot with the celebrities over the past year, could we turn all holy and sport a long shabby chic rosary with our outfits this time next year? Only time will tell!


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