Festive Fun at Fruttituttibeadcandy!

So here we are practically at the end of the year- it’s dark and dreary outside but also with the long non stop party: Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Parties mean dressing up, whether you have been trick or treating in ghoulish gear or partying in something subtle, accessorizing is key to getting the whole ensemble just right.

Tuttifruttibeadcandy create pieces that are one off designs! So each will be as individual as their wearer. 

All Hallows Eve, Samhain, whatever you want to call it, the 31st of October is one of the most exciting times of the year! We are thinking scary Jack o Lanterns, trick or treating, candy and most of all…Scary costumes! It’s no holds barred when it comes to what you wear on this night! Are you going as a glamorous ghoul or maybe a stylish bride of Frankenstein? Tuttifruttibeadcandy have pieces that are inspired by all things dark and stylishly sinister, not only for Halloween but beyond.

The eye catching smokey Grey Cabochon makes for a real center piece for any spooktacular outfit! With the intricate beaded surroundings, this piece is slightly reminiscent of a large Victorian Cameo necklace or brooch. This is a key piece for any autumnal wardrobe.

One of the sparkliest nights of the year is Guy Fawkes. Firework displays are going off everywhere, they are loud and brighten up the darkest of winter nights, what’s there not to love about Guy Fawkes night? You can make a real statement with some of the brightest pieces available online at Tuttifruttibeadcandy, especially with this piece of hot pink bead and gold wire arm candy:

The metallic colors of the beads and the golds are reminiscent of  dazzling fireworks. Wear alone or with your existing collection of bracelets to give your outfit an added boost, this piece is a fab way to glam up your wrists for winter! Know someone who loves her arm candy? This bracelet would be the perfect gift (…one that you could borrow at a later date perhaps?).

Going to that great costume party and want to be completely individual? It is so easy to look through high street stores for those accessories to complete your outfit, but there is always the danger that someone else will be wearing the exact same thing! Well the good news is that Tuttifruttibeadcandy have some great original alternative pieces too! The Gothic Rose headpiece is the perfect example of this:

Going for an alternative wedding day look for November? You can’t get better than this piece, with autumnal aspects to ii the Wedding Tiara with Red and Black Roses is a real cute and quirky statement piece, a fabulous addition to any seasonal outfit!

Check out the Tuttifruttibeadcandy etsy store for more great items:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/FruttiTuttiBeadCandy


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